What is VoIP?

Voice-over-Internet protocol(VoIP) is a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet or other packet-switched networks. VoIP allows users to use regular telephone networks anywhere through any internet service provider, and avoids issues on long distance charges that are normally subject to callers. This latter concept is also referred to as IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband, broadband telephony, and broadband phone.

Why I need mobile voip?

If you are travelling, roaming charges can be very alarming. With Panktel, you can make calls from any wifi network in any country and still enjoy the same low rates published. (Please note that in some countries, voip traffic may be blocked) So, carry Panktel with you the next time you travel and talk to your love ones without worry about paying roaming or long distance charges If you have unlimited data package on your phone, you can also Panktel service as a cost saving tool to complement your mobile provider. Most people will commit to a higher monthly package thinking that its cheaper but ends up not using the full airtime provided but still have to pay the fixed monthly plan. With mywebfon, you can sign up a lower package and use Panktel only when you need to make the additional calls.

What should i do to use this VoIP service?

Register an free account here. Reload your account balance and get a SIP username and SIP password. Configure your SIP device (Softphone/Phone adaptor) and ready to make free calls to other subscibers or call to any others landline/mobile numbers in cheap rates.

Where can i get the prepaid cards?

You may get the prepaid cards from our appointed resellers.

What do i need to use this VoIP service?

You need a broadband connection. Besides that, you also need VoIP telephone or VoIP adapter with analog telephone or a computer with speakers and a microphone if you’re using softphone.

I want to configure my own SIP device for calling with Voip, is that possible?

Yes. You may use others SIP device as long as you SIP configuration is correct. Refer here for the SIP configuration.

Can I register as a postpaid members?

Yes. Please contact us for more details.

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How long are your rates valid?

You may always find the latest rate in our website. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

What is the minimun reload amount?

We require a minimum payment of $10 to keep your account last for 180 days. After 180 days, you are required to reload again to keep your account active.

How long does my credit last for calls?

Your credit will expire after 180 days from your last reload for prepaid members. After 180 days, you may not able to make any outgoing calls.

How can i reload my credits?

You may reload your credits by prepaid card, credit card, bank transfer or by Paypal.

Can i check my recent call details?

Yes. Logon here to check your call details records, call rate and etc.

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How to setup my SIP equipment?

Username: Your SIP
Username Password: Your SIP password
SIP/Proxy registrar: sip.panktel.com
Domain/Realm (optional): sip.panktel.com
STUN server (optional) : stun.xten.net

Our system is compatible with all standard SIP equipment. If you have problems setting up the service, please consult the instruction manual of your hardware/software.

Do i need to configure my firewall to make calls?

Yes. In order to make VoIP calls, your firewall setting should always allow port 5060 and udp port in range 10000-20000.

Which codecs do you support?

We currently support G.723, G.729 and iLBC codecs.

Do you support H.323?

No, we don’t.