PankTel’s wholesale VOICE and DATA service provides high call quality voice, quick interconnection time, and termination into any country in the world.
PankTel’s network is powered by strategic structures that company has developed in the areas of network connectivity, routing, billing, network interoperability and audio signal processing.

PankTel offers services directly to wholesalers and end user customers and is also responsible for the Design, Engineering, Implementation, Selection of Technologies, Operation and Maintenance of all technical solutions used by PankTel.

International Voice Termination
PankTel’s team is certified by the best providers of VoIP integrated voice. With outstanding infrastructure and termination partners internationally, PankTel Network Solutions provides High Quality Termination at competitive rates. Since we directly interconnect to the local termination gateways, stability is maintained 24/7.

Retail Voice Termination

Take the opportunity to bring yourself into the international league! As partners, we provide retail minute termination at a low cost, to the highest quality routes of international PTTs, all without any administrative effort on your part. As a retail minute termination provider we have intelligence into the highest quality routes because we have access to trusted carriers around the world using our years of call routing expertise as a cloud provider with a VoIP switch.

International and Domestic SMS termination

PankTel operates directly or in partnership with commercial telecom companies involved in selling directly to end-users voice and data services. This traffic is collected on our domestic switches and network, then routed and terminated with the highest quality standard possible.